In the Clinical Biomechanics and Motor Control group focused on adults with neurological disorders (CBMC-AN) we aim to unravel the mechanisms that are involved in pathological gait related to neurological disorders in the adult population. Specifically we aim to design and evaluate precision diagnostics that will inform clinical decision making. Eventually this will optimize treatment outcomes in patients with neurological disorders, who face problems related to walking.

For this purpose, we apply novel technologies, such as:

  • EEG during gait (Moving Beyond)
  • Functional electrical stimulation during gait (FES-MS)
  • Energy cost during interactive gait analysis (MS Walk-I)

Past projects
- FuPro MS

prof.dr. V.de Groot, professor rehabilitation medicine  
prof.dr.ir. J. Harlaar, professor clinical movement analysis
prof. dr. G. Kwakkel, professor in neurorehabilitation
dr. H. Beckerman, senior scientist
dr. E. van Wegen, senior scientist
dr. C. Meskers, senior scientist
dr.ir. J. van den Noort, scientific investigator

dr. M. Heine (MS Walk-I)  
drs. P. de Jesus Pereira Custódio (Moving Beyond)

dr. J. Kempen
dr. D. Bregman

In many of our projects, we work closely together with several academic, clinical and commercial partners:

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - faculty of Behaviour and Movement Sciences, dept. of Human Movement Sciences
  • Motekforce Link B.V.
  • Xsens Technologies B.V.
  • University of Twente - Biomedical Signals and Systems
  • Radboud UMC
  • Erasmus UMC
  • TU Delft