In the Clinical Biomechanics and Motor Control group focused on cerebral palsy (CBMC-CP) we strive towards a better understanding of movement deviations and their underlying impairments in children with neurological disorders, in order to reach better precision diagnostics and optimize treatment outcomes.

For this purpose, we (co-)develop and apply novel technologies such as:

We also work on standardization of gait analysis data collection and storage in clinical workflows, both within VUmc, nationally (MOVING-CP) and internationally (MD-PAEDIGREE).

Past projects
- CP-3D
- FiX I

prof.dr.ir. Jaap Harlaar, professor clinical movement analysis
prof.dr. Jules Becher, professor in paediatric rehabilitation  
dr. Marjolein van der Krogt, scientific investigator
dr. Annemiek Buizer, MD, clinical investigator
dr.ir. Josien van den Noort (ISA, EVO-CP)
dr. Merel Brehm (EVO-CP)

dr. Lynn Bar-On (SIMSPAS, US-CP, ISA)
dr. Pieter Meyns (CP-RehOP)
dr. Lizeth Sloot (ROBIN, GRAIL-CP, PERTURB)
drs. Laura Oudenhoven (MD-PAEDIGREE, MOVING-CP)
drs. Adam Booth (CP-FEEDBACK)
drs. Helga Haberfehlner (US-CP)
drs. Maaike Eken (FAME)
ing. Marjolein Piening (MD-PAEDIGREE)
drs. Kim van Hutten

dr. Yvette Kerkum
dr. Caroline Doorenbosch
dr. Carolien van Andel
dr. Alberto Ferrari
dr. Menno Bénard

In many of our projects, we work closely together with several academic, clinical and commercial partners:

  • Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences (groups on neuromechanics, physiology, coordination dynamics)
  • AMC - Department of rehabilitation medicine
  • Motekforce Link
  • KU Leuven
  • OPBG Rome
  • TU Delft
  • Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
  • Stanford NMBL