FuPro totaal

G.J. Lankhorst, MD, PhD, J. Dekker, PhD, A.J. Dallmeijer, PhD, V. de Groot, MD, V. Schepers, MD, B. van Baalen, MSc, I. de Groot, MD, PhD, H. Beckerman, PhD, E. Lindeman, MD, PhD, H.J. Stam, MD, PhD, E. Odding, MD, PhD, A. Beelen, PhD, A.J.H. Prevo, MD, PhD


To answer the following research questions: 1) Which outcome measures are most appropriate for the description of functional outcome in patients with neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, traumatic brain injury)? 2) What are the determinants of functional prognosis?

Four observational cohort studies with a follow-up of three years are performed using the same research methods. Psychometric properties (dimensionality and responsiveness) of several outcome measures of functional status will be assessed in each group. Models of prognosis with regard to disability and quality of life will be constructed using multiple regression analysis. Potential determinants include measurements of (a) patient characteristics, (b) disease characteristics, (c) neurological and cognitive impairments, (d) disability status, (e) quality of life status, (f) personality and social environment characteristics, (g) treatments and use of rehabilitation services, and (h) comorbidity.

Data-collection was completed in 2003. 157 patients have been included in the MS study, 304 in the stroke study, 75 in the ALS study and 110 patients in the traumatic brain injury study. Data analysis and reporting results is currently in progress. The project will be finished by December 2004.