Irma van Die Group leader

Irma van Die obtained her PhD in Molecular Microbiology in 1986 at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, studying molecular genetics of bacterial urinary tract infections. As a Post doctoral Fellow at the same department her research ventured into vaccinology, focusing on the development of subunit vaccines.  After her transfer in 1989 to the department of Medical Chemistry at the VU University, Amsterdam she studied the role of glycosyltransferases in glycan biosynthesis. In 2000 she joined the department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology at the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam.  In 2003 Irma van Die was appointed Associate Professor and since 2006 she is head of the research group "Glycobiology & Immune regulation".  Starting in 2017, she works part of the year as a visiting professor at the Harvard Medical School Center for Glycosciences, Boston, USA.
For her research she has received numerous grants, including funding from NWO, the Dutch Kidney foundation, MS foundation, Dutch Technology Foundation (STW), Mizutani Foundation and private sector sponsoring.