Courses on Research Integrity

All scientists will recognize the pressure to publish and to gain grants. This may result in the temptation to cut a few corners, or worse. Resisting that temptation is not always easy. There are also many dilemmas for which the answer is not easy to give and which raise doubts about what is the right thing to do. We will discuss these issues in our blended course.

Each scientist deals with dilemmas in the field of research integrity. The extremes of the spectrum are clear. Everyone agrees falsifying and fabricating data and also committing plagiarism are very serious errors. This is scientific misconduct. However, a wide range of questionable research practices exist. These often involve violations of basic principles of scientific methodology or principles of fairness regarding contributions to the research process.

  • An on-line course Research Integrity. Participation in and passing this on-line course is obligatory to start the interactive course
  • One and half-day interactive course working in subgroups

The complete course, including preparation, has a workload of 2 European Credits.

Target group

This course aims at all PhD students in VU University and VU University Medical Center.

Registration Costs

The blended course costs Euro 550,-.

Each participant of the blended course can invite 1-2 supervisors to follow the on-line course for free.


Spring 2020:

Blended Course May 20 & June 24 (Dutch version)

Fall 2020:

Blended Course September 23 & November 5, 2020 (International version)
Blended Course October 23 & December 2, 2020 (International version)


Cancellation of your registration may only be done in writing at the latest one month prior to the first day of the course. We will refund the amount due except Euro 35,- administration fee. After this date, no amount will be refunded.

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