master Personalized Medicine (research)

Are you interested in clinical life sciences and doing patient-oriented research? Would you like to learn how personalized medicine is being applied in scientific research, healthcare and industry? Are you interested in working in a multidisciplinary environment and do you enjoy working with people who challenge each other to attain the best results? The master Personalized Medicine offers you a challenging program.

 This two-year international research master program aims to educate talented students who are willing to be educated as top scientists in clinical life sciences.

 The master Personalized Medicine is focussing on different aspects of clinical and translational research, medical imaging, medical technical development and personalized medicine necessary to set up and carry out scientific research. The focus is broad and is not on a specific disease. Some examples are metabolic disorders in children, neurology, oncology, movement disorders and cardiovascular sciences.

 In addition to knowledge about different research methods and the use of measuring instruments, the most important statistical techniques needed for data analysis and biobusiness are discussed.

For more information: master Personalized Medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam