Afgeronde projecten


  • S. Tonnon
    Implementation of the lifestyle intervention 'Health under Construction' in the Dutch construction industry; Sustainable employability in the construction industry
    Proefschrift (2018-01-12)


  • L. Lammerts
    Return to work of workers without an employment contract, sick-listed due to a common mental disorder: Evaluation of a participatory supportive return to work program.
    Proefschrift (2017-04-21)
  • M. van Egmond
    Return to work in cancer survivors with job loss.
    Proefschrift (2017-01-19)


  • P. van Muijen
    Work ability and fatigue in cancer survivors on long-term sick leave.
    Proefschrift (2016-11-23)
  • A. de Wind
    From early retirement to working beyond retirement.
    Proefschrift (2016-04-22)
  • M. van Vilsteren
    Workplace intervention to improve work functioning for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
    Proefschrift (2016-03-29)


  • L. Viester
    Worksite health promotion in the construction industry.
    Proefschrift (2015-11-24)
  • E. van der Meer
    The Hands4U study. Implementing a guideline for the prevention of hand eczema among healthcare workers.
    Proefschrift (2015-03-18)
  • A. van Drongelen
    Irregular working hours in the airline industry: Work schedule related health outcomes and possibilities for prevention.
    Proefschrift (2015-02-06)


  • J.K. Coffeng
    A Worksite Social & Physical Environmental Health Program.
    Proefschrift (2014-10-28)
  • A. Vonk Noordegraaf
    Recovery and Return to Work after Gynaecological Surgery.
    Proefschrift (2014-06-18)
  • J. van Berkel
    Worksite health promotion: Development and evaluation of a mindfulness-based intervention and ethical considerations.
    Proefschrift (2014-04-17)


  • M. van Wier
    Alife Work: The effects of a distance counseling lifestyle program for weight control among an overweight working population.
    Proefschrift (2013-06-14)
  • N.A. Elbers
    Empowerment of injured claimants: Investigating claim factors, procedural justice and e-health.
    Proefschrift (2013-03-27)
  • K.M. Oude Hengel
    Sustainable Employability of Construction Workers.
    Proefschrift (2013-03-08)
  • F. Zwerver
    Development and evaluation of an implementation strategy for insurance medicine guidelines for depression.
    Proefschrift (2013-01-29)


  • R.F. van Gils
    Integrated care for hand eczema: A cost-effectiveness study.
    Proefschrift (2012-10-08)
  • L.M. Verweij
    Occupational Health Guideline for Preventing Weight Gain among Employees: a (cost-) effectiveness study.
    Proefschrift (2012-10-01)
  • M. Vlasveld
    Sickness absence and return to work in workers with major depressive disorder: The Netherlands Depression Initiative in the occupational healthcare setting.
    Proefschrift (2012-09-12)
  • S. Vermeulen
    Return to work for temporary agency workers and unemployed workers, sick-listed due to musculoskeletal disorders: Cost-effectiveness of a participatory return to work program.
    Proefschrift (2012-06-27)
  • J.E. Strijk
    The (cost-) effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention in order to improve older workers' vitality: The Vital Work study.
    Proefschrift (2012-04-20)


  • D. Samoocha
    Empowerment of Disability Benefit Claimants prior to their Disability Assessment.
    Proefschrift (2011-11-04)
  • E. SpeklĂ©
    Effectiveness of an intervention programme on arm, shoulder and neck symptoms in computer workers.
    Proefschrift (2011-11-03)
  • M.T. Driessen
    Participatory ergonomics to prevent low back pain and neck pain at the workplace.
    Proefschrift (2011-06-09)
  • H.J. van Rijssen
    Communication between social insurance physicians and work disability claimants.
    Proefschrift (2011-05-17)
  • I.F. Groeneveld
    Health under Construction: A lifestyle intervention for construction workers at risk for cardiovascular disease.
    Proefschrift (2011-02-18)


  • L.C. Lambeek
    Return to work management for chronic low back pain.
    Proefschrift (2010-09-16)
  • S. van Oostrom
    Return to work for employees with distress: Cost-effectiveness of the participatory workplace intervention.
    Proefschrift (2010-03-09)
  • K. Uegaki
    Economic evaluation of interventions for occupational health: exploring methods & applied studies.
    Proefschrift (2010-02-10)


  • H. Hlobil
    The management of occupational low back pain and its cost-effectiveness.
    Proefschrift (2009-09-07)
  • D.S. Rebergen
    Effectiveness of guideline-based care of workers with mental health problems.
    Proefschrift (2009-07-02)


  • S. Ijmker
    Risk factors for arm-wrist-hand and neck-shoulder symptoms among office workers: A longitudinal perspective.
    Proefschrift (2008-07-02)
  • H. Hamberg-van Reenen
    Physical capacity and work-related musculoskeletal symptoms.
    Proefschrift (2008-05-15)