Integral PhD-program: from Student to Professional

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The Integral PhD-program: from student to professional guides you through your PhD by teaching you skills that help you achieve your goals.

This program consists of 4 modules. Each module focuses on a different theme.

Module 1: Personal effectiveness: time- and project management

It is specially developed for first year PhD candidates to have a head start on their project. You will learn how to efficiently and effectively run your project in a clear collaboration with your supervisor.

Module 2: Communication in science

Especially for second year PhD candidates who have to start to communicate on and share their results. You will learn how to be an inspirational presenter and how to communicate effectively with your colleagues.

Module 3: Personal leadership

It is specially developed for third year PhD candidates who have to take charge of their own challenges. You will learn what your qualities are and how to use them to overcome the challenges you face in your PhD project.

Module 4: A PhD, what's next?

This module is specially developed for third year PhD candidates who have to take charge of their future after obtaining your PhD. You will search for what would be your ideal work place and reflect on what you need to do to get there.

Download PDF.

The 4 modules each have their own background and program. Basically, the first module is about managing  your project, module 2 about communication skills, module 3 about knowing your own qualities and barriers, whereas module 4 is all about the path to follow after graduation. Download PDF.


The 4 modules each have their own target group and requirements.  Download PDF.


Hele dag (09.15 - 17.15 uur)


- module 1, 09.15-17.15: 6 en 7 mei 2020 (locatie Bloemendaal)
- module 2, 09.15-17.15: 13 en 14 mei 2020 (locatie Bloemendaal)
- module 3, 09.15-17.15: 3 en 4 juni 2020 (locatie Bloemendaal)
- module 4, 09.15-17.15: 24 juni en 25 juni 2020 (locatie Bloemendaal)


Module 1: 475 euro
Module 2: 475 euro
Module 3: 575 euro
Module 4: 475 euro

(This includes coffee, lunches and materials.)


Vila Hartenlust
Vijverweg 18
2061 GX Bloemendaal


Dr. Louise Mennen
(Mennen Training & Consultancy)
Dr. Louise Mennen received her PhD in nutrition at the WUR in 1997. Thereafter, she worked for eight years as a senior scientist in Paris during which she wrote many scientific papers and successful research grants. She noticed that for pushing science forward, scientists need to improve their communication skills. This is why she has now her own company to train scientists in the field of leadership communication. Louise is co-trainer at international leadership programs for European and African scientists in Luxembourg and Morocco. She also works as a personal coach, for those pursuing a scientific career. Due to her large experience as a scientist she is the perfect person to understand the work situation of scientists.


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