Biochemistry Unit MCBI


For proteomic/glycomic analysis the department houses a proteNano-LC-MS system, an analytical HPLC system, Dionex preparative HPLC system, Dionex BioLC system, Amersham AKTA explorer.
For peptides synthesis a robotic peptide synthesizer is present. Peptides can be ordered by filling in the order form.  For contact: Hakan Kalay, E

The GlycO2Pep instruments

This is a nanoUHPLC system (TFS Ultimate 3000) equipped with long nanoLC columns (up to 10 m) and connected to an electrospray ionization mass spectrometer (TFS LTQ) with an intercalated nano-fluorescence detector (Jasco). This system allows the profiling of N-glycans released from purified glycoproteins, immunoprecipitates, or cell lysates and labeled with a fluorochrome (aminomethyl coumarin). We provide you support from glycan release, labeling and purification, to complete analysis via nano fluorescence glycan profiling (nanoFGP).

Standard UHPLC-MS:
Our UHPLC (TFS Ultimate 3000) is hyphenated with an electrospray ionization mass spectrometer (TFS LCQ DecaXP) and it is used for quality control analysis on synthesized bioconjugates (peptides, glycopeptides, lipopeptides, etc.). We assist you both in the preparation of the conjugates as well as their purification and quality control.  

Semi-Prep HPLC system:
Our semi-Prep HPLC system (TFS Ultimate 3000) is equipped with UV-based fraction collector that allows for very high purity levels (95-99%) of the desired analyte. This system can purify up to 30 mg of crude product. 

Prep HPLC system:
Our Prep HPLC system (details) is equipped with a UV-based fraction collector and  can be used as a first stage purification system for medium to high purity demands (95-99%) of peptides or bioconjugates. The system can purify up to 500 mg of crude product.

Analytical HPLC systems:
We have two systems available for analyte/metabolite determination. The systems are equipped with either UV or Fluorescence detection to allow for a wide range of applications.

Peptide Synthesis:
Our two peptide synthesizers, PTI Prelude and CEM liberty blue, are fully automated synthesizers capable of performing FMOC and BOC peptide synthesis. Both systems are used to synthesize peptides in a wide range of scales (milligram to grams) and allow for the preparation of special peptide derivatives (glycopeptides, lipopeptides, MAPs, fluorogenic peptides etc.).

The GlycO2Pep services

Use the Intern Peptide Ordering Form for:

-peptides synthesis
-peptide derivatives (glycation, lipidation, fluorogenic peptides etc.)
-peptide conjugates
-protein conjugates
-antibody conjugates and labelling

The GlycO2Pep team

Hakan Kalay (Unit Manager) has expertise in glycomics, proteomics, analytical chemistry, peptide synthesis and bioconjugation techniques.  He is also the unit manager and for requests from the unit you can contact him via email 

Martino Ambrosini (PhD) achieved his PhD in the field of Chemical Sciences. His expertise ranges from organic and medicinal chemistry to peptide synthesis and liposome formulation, as well as the associated analytical methods.

Juan J. Garcia Vallejo (MD, PhD,  Scientific advisor) obtained his PhD in the field of Glycoimmunology and since has a maintained a keen interested in the characterization of glycoconjugates for a better understanding of their function, as well as their synthesis for their exploitation as in biomedicine.