Jack van Horssen

Immunohistopathological aspects of multiple sclerosis
Key histopathological features of multiple sclerosis (MS) include inflammation-driven demyelination, neurodegeneration and astroglial scar formation. These distinctive hallmarks of MS occur focally and diffusely throughout the white and grey matter. Through our collaboration with the Netherlands Brain Bank and the dept. of Neuropathology we have access to a unique collection of well-characterized MS brain tissues from different brain regions. The availability of MS lesion samples allows us to investigate ongoing pathological processes that are involved in MS lesion formation and progression. The main goal of our research group is to identify and understand the mechanisms that drive neurodegeneration in MS with a focus on the role of inflammation-mediated oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. Insight into these pathological processes might lead to the development of novel therapeutics aimed at restoring the delicate brain redox balance and improving mitochondrial function.

Key research publications van Horssen

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Key review publications van Horssen

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