Yvette van Kooyk Group members

Dr. Martino Ambrosini (postdoctoral researcher)
My expertise is the preparation of glycated nano delivery systems for  the modulation of the immune response. Peptides, proteins, dendrimers and liposomes are modified with glycans and antigens to target specific immune cells and to induce an effective antigen presentation. Email: m.ambrosini@vumc.nl

Dr. Thijs Crommentuijn (postdoctoral researcher)
Many cell types are involved in tumor microenvironment dynamics. My research focuses on preclinical models of glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer. Through high-dimensional profiling, we want to elucidate tumor-infiltrating immune cell subsets and the expression of immune checkpoints and -ligands and find potential therapeutic targets that help potentiate an anti-tumor response. Email: m.crommentuijn@vumc.nl

Sanne Duinkerken (PhD student)
My project aims to develop an in vivo vaccination strategy targeting human skin dendritic cells (DCs) to treat cancer. Skin DCs express C-type Lectin Receptors which can be targeted using sugar residues, hence, we developed tumor specific products coupled to sugars. Nowwe are looking into the uptake, processing and presentation of these different products by skin DCs to find the optimal formulation for the anti-cancer vaccine. Email: s.duinkerken@vumc.nl

Sophie Horrevorts (PhD student)

Dr. Juan Ilarregui (guest postdoctoral researcher)

Hakan Kalay (senior research technician)
I have expertise in glycomics, proteomics, analytical chemistry, peptide synthesis and bioconjugation techniques. Some examples of his work are development of ultrasensitive nano-fluorescence intercalated Nano-UHPLC-MS, dendritic-(glyco)peptidic antigen structures, peptidic glycation techniques, polymeric-peptide conjugates, antibody-protein/peptide constructs. I am also the unit manager so you can contact me if you have requests concerning the unit via email: h.kalay@vumc.nl.

Laura Kruijssen (research technician)
The main focus of our project is immune therapy for cancer. The research is performed in different cancer models, like melanoma cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer, using both in vivo and in vitro assays. Email: l.kruijssen@vumc.nl

Eveline Li (PhD student)
In this project we will design immune therapeutics aimed at regulating both innate and adaptive immune function through targeting dendritic cells, the key inducers of immune response. Multifunctional single molecule vaccine modalities are explored, targeting of multiple DC subsets for skewing of the immune response through T cell polarization. Email: r.li@vumc.nl

Dr. Joyce L├╝bbers (postdoctoral researcher)
The focus of my project is Siglec expression on Langerhans and Dendritic cells in a human skin model for vaccination strategies against Melanoma. Through flow cytometry and microscopy analysis we investigate Siglec expression on skin cells. After targeting Siglecs, RNAseq is used to check the transcriptomic changes in these cells. Email: j.lubbers@vumc.nl

Anoushka Molhoek (PhD student)
Anti-Citrullinated Protein Antibody in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients have a pathogenic role. These antibodies are highly glycosylated on the fab part. My research investigates the role of these glycans on immune cells thereby using different techniques such as FACS, microscopy, qPCR and different culture systems.
Email: a.molhoek@vumc.nl

Veronica Monserrat Perez (guest senior scientist)

Tom O'Toole (senior research technician)
I can assist you with the planning, set-up, execution and analysis of experiments in which flow cytometry, sorting or imaging flow cytometry are used as tools to address your research questions. Additionally, as a native English speaker, I can help proof-read /edit  manuscripts that are being prepared for submission. Email: T.Otoole@vumc.nl

Ernesto Rodriguez Camejo (PhD student)

Sjoerd Schetters (PhD student)
My research focuses on generating adaptive immunity toward malignant tumors. This involves the blockade of inhibitory processes like glycosylation and immune checkpoints, and active vaccination with tumor-specific antigens. Using high-dimensional flow cytometry, CyTOF, 9-color confocal microscopy and histocytometry analysis, I aim to tackle these two sides of the same coin. Email: s.schetters@vumc.nl

Dorian Stolk (PhD student)
In my project we aim to develop a vaccination strategy against melanoma which unleashes a strong and durable anti-tumor response. In order to do so, we target liposomes to C-type lectin receptors (CLR) on dendritic cells (DCs) by the inclusion of CLR specific ligands. This allows for DC specific delivery of tumor antigens and alpha galactosyl ceramide, a strong activating ligand of invariant natural killer T-cells.
Email: d.stolk@vumc.nl