Aim & Approach

The majority of neurological disorders are either caused or frequently accompanied by alterations in the immune system, resulting in  chronic neuroinflammation. Research in the neuro-immunology group focuses on the understanding of how altered immunological and inflammatory effects contribute to the progression of neurological diseases. Specifically, we study how cellular alterations in the immune system, at the brain barriers and in the glial compartments underlie neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions. Together with our (pre)clinical partners of the MS center Amsterdam, Alzheimer Center Amsterdam and stroke unit within Amsterdam UMC, we apply a translational approach to investigate these pathways in disorders, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke and Alzheimer disease (AD). Our ultimate goal is to define novel therapeutic ways to resolve the detrimental effects of chronic neuroinflammation.

Principal Investigators

Prof. dr. Elga de Vries focuses on the role of understanding of the cross talk of the immune system and brain to fight neurological diseases with specific attention for the role of the brain barriers therein.

Dr. Gijs Kooij’s major aim is to understand the natural process to resolve neuro-inflammation in order to provide new perspectives on disease pathogenesis and to reveal new diagnostic & treatment opportunities.

Prof. dr. Jack van Horssen has expertise in histopathological analysis of brain specimens.