Reina Mebius Group leader

Reina Mebius received her PhD from the VU University, the Netherlands in 1991 in immunology. She was awarded the NATO Science fellowship and subsequently a fellowship from the American Arthritis Foundation to pursue her postdoctoral studies at Stanford University in California, USA. This postdoctoral work was focused on the development of the immune system. Reina Mebius started in 1995 at the VUMC initially as a KNAW fellow and was appointed as Assistant Professor in 2000 and as Associate Professor in 2002. Her research group has focused on the development of the immune system as well as on studying mucosal immunology. In 2007 she was appointed as Professor heading her research group 'Functional development of the immune system'.

In 2005 Reina Mebius was awarded a VICI research grant for innovative research from the Dutch science organization NWO to establish her research group studying the mechanisms of mesenchymal cell differentiation towards stromal lymph node cells. More recently, she was awarded the NWO TOP grant (2010) to continue her in depth study of the neuronal control of lymph node formation.