Reina Mebius

Functional development of the immune system 

The generation of an immune response is dependent on efficient interaction of rare antigen-specific T cells with dendritic cells that present the antigen. Lymph nodes are organized to mediate an efficient interaction of antigen presenting cells and T cells. Thus, lymph nodes are viewed as professional immune response factories. Within inflammatory lesions that are characteristic of autoimmune disease, a organized lymphoid structure, named tertiary lymphoid structures, are found. It is likely that in the case of autoimmune diseases, a high degree of organization will worsen the disease since efficient presentation of autoantigens will enhance activation of autoreactive T cells. However, these structures have also been reported to develop in response to a persistent pathogen, and in this case they may in fact facilitate the process of pathogen elimination.
We are delineating the cellular and molecular mechanisms that mediate the differentiation of stromal cells towards lymphoid tissue organizing cells, allowing the attraction of hematopoietic cells to the developing lymph nodes. In addition, the subsequent differentiation of these cells into the different stromal cell subsets that are present within lymph nodes are studied. Furthermore, similar processes are examined during the development of tertiary lymphoid structures in chronic inflammatory diseases.
In addition, we have shown that  stromal are able to act as antigen presenting cells themselves. We are addressing the role of stromal cells as antigen presenting cells, as well as their influence on the antigen presenting function of dendritic cells.

Prof. dr. Reina Mebius is chair of the NVVI - the Dutch Society for Immunology.

Key publications

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