Marjolein van Egmond Group leader

Marjolein van Egmond is professor in Oncology and Inflammation. She is PI at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology and staff member at the Department of Surgery. Throughout her career she has been fascinated by the role of antibodies in immunity and the activation of immune cells via antibody receptors (Fc receptors). Initially her research focused on the role of the Fc receptor for IgA (FcaRI) in protective mucosal immunity. Her lab furthermore discovered that aberrant IgA initiates perpetual neutrophil activation, leading to severe tissue damage in multiple auto-immune diseases and chronic inflammation. Additionally it is now clear that antibodies can be used as therapeutic drugs to engage the immune system to fight cancer. Due to her dual appointment at a research- and clinical department, she is in an excellent position to translate experimental findings into clinical applications. Marjolein van Egmond was awarded a VENI, VIDI and VICI from the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research).
She aims to bridge science and the general public by providing accessible information about cancer for patients and other interested parties (see also

Figure 4. Aleyd E, Heineke MH, van Egmond M. The era of the immunoglobulin A Fc receptor FcaRI; its function and potential as target in disease. Immunol Rev. 2015 268:123-38.