Juan J. Garcia Vallejo Group members

Sophie Dusoswa (PhD student)
Malignant transformation goes hand in hand with aberrant cell surface glycosylation. We hypothesize that tumor associated glycans modulate the anti-tumor immune response in glioblastoma, the most common and lethal type of brain cancer. To this end we investigate glioblastoma immune infiltrates and the role of glycans in the tumor microenvironment by high-dimensional mass cytometry. Email: s.dusoswa@vumc.nl

Jan Verhoeff (PhD student)
High dimensional cytometry methods, such as mass cytometry, are a great tool for biomarker discovery in immune therapy. However with increasingly complex data and analysis methods, there are significant hurdles in extracting conclusions from experiments. Through deep learning and improving mass cytometry signals we aim to contribute to cancer immunology. Email: j.verhoeff@vumc.nl