Marjolein van Egmond Group members

Amélie Bos (PhD student)
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are characterized by the presence of auto-antibodies. However, the role of these auto-antibodies within pathology remains unclear. Therefore the aim of my PhD is to understand the mechanism by which these antibodies are produced and whether they contribute to IBD pathology. Email:

Annelot Breedveld (PhD student)
IgA is the most predominant antibody at mucosal surfaces. Neutrophils infiltrate the intestinal tract of inflammatory bowel patients were the efficiently trap IgA-opsonized pathogens via their FcaR1. Here we investigate how IgA-activated neutrophils interact with (resident) dendritic cells. Email:

Melissa van Gool (PhD student)
My project focuses on the pro-inflammatory role of human serum IgA. IgA antibodies are crucial to protect against pathogens. However, excessive activation of innate immune cells via Fc αRI leads to severe inflammation, tissue damage and disease. Understanding these mechanisms can contribute to new therapeutic targets for chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. Email:

Mandy Gruijs (researcher)
My main focus is the PremAb-DOSE clinical trial, in which patients with colorectal liver metastases are treated with Cetuximab before surgical resection of the metastases. I analyse patient blood samples to investigate if this treatment strategy reduces the amount of circulating tumour cells in the blood, thereby preventing the formation of new metastases. Email:

Dr. Niels Heemskerk (postdoctoral researcher)
I am working on direct tumor targeting using bi-specific antibodies to establish long-term adaptive immunity against solid and leukemic tumors. Email:

Marieke Heineke (PhD student)
Antibodies play important protective roles in immune responses, but can also be harmful when they are recognizing self during autoimmune diseases. My research investigates how antibodies activate immune cells, with a focus on the IgA Fc receptor in health and disease. Email:

Kees Tuk (senior research technician)
I mostly perform in vitro cellular function assays, like migration, cell killing and phagocytosis assays to study the involvement of neutrophils in killing tumor cells.
Also immunostainings (immunofluorescence, IHC and FACS) are used to study this involvement.