The department offers academic courses in both the undergraduate and graduate tracks in Medicine, Earth and Life Sciences and at the Amsterdam University College.
Furthermore, our research groups host around 20 PhD-students providing advanced research training to boost their (research) careers. Opportunities for (international) internships and thesis supervision are offered by the department.

PhD Programme

PhD students follow an educational programme within their VUmc/AMC research institutes.
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Within MCBI, internships are regularly available for students. The themes that can be distinguished are: Tumor Immunology, Neuroimmunology and Actute Inflammation.

During their internship students will receive training in various aspects required for performing high quality research, including access to various techniques and models necessary for their research, and documenting and presentation of their data. Students receive not only specific education performing excellent research but are trained in critically reading literature through journal clubs organized for students. Moreover, at the end of the internship students are invited to present their research data on the special symposium organized for and by students.

Because of the complexity of the research at MCBI, we have in general more opportunities for master students than for bachelor students and some for HLO-students.

For all students: start the vaccination programme against Hepatitis B in time. It takes 8 months.

Are you interested in an internship at MCBI? Please mail to the supervisor of the theme you’re interested in.